Saturday, April 12, 2008


Behind the scene
  • Are you trying to be the competitor of Digikey ( or Farnell ( ?

    No, I'm not. When I'm doing my DIY projects, I often end up with unused components (and most of them is still new). I want to sell it to get my money back (and to continue my DIY project).

  • Are the components new ?

    I bought my components from two sources: major distributor (such as Digikey or Farnell) and local store (such as the stores in Jalan Pasar).

    New components mean the components from major distributor (Digikey/Farnell) that I've not used before.

  • What is refurbished components ?

    It's the components that I bought from local stores, but I have not used it. Since these stores usually buy their supply from China, and the China supplier may somehow get it from junk yard, I considered it as refurbished.

  • Why should I buy from you ?

    If you have so much money to pay the custom tax and delivery cost for the components, I suggest you try Digikey or Farnell or other outshore stores.

    This is the site for people that's trying to have their hobby without emptying their pockets

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